Cosmetic Dental Procedures
We undertake various cosmetic dental procedures such as laser teeth whitening procedures, smile designing, smile enhancement, composite veneers, smile makeover, laser dark gums color changing (depigmentation), cosmetic fillings (restorations), gum line re-contouring (Gingivoplasty), etc.
Laser Gum Surgeries & Laser Dentistry
We provide laser assisted flap surgery, laser pain therapy for jaw joint therapy (LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy), laser implants exposure, laser teeth whitening, laser pain relief of ulcers in mouth, laser assisted root canal treatments, etc. with our advanced 10 Watt Biolase laser equipment.
Implants, Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifting
We replace missing teeth with implant retained fixed teeth within three days (immediate functional loading implants - Swiss made), implants for the boneless, full mouth dental implants, two stage implants, bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures to improve bone quality and quality for implants.
Cosmetic Jaw Surgeries
We provide wide range of exclusive speciality of maxillofacial surgery such as correction of uneven jaws and face by cosmetic surgeries - gummy smiles, small or large jaw bones, chin bone, cheekbones, nose, lips, lower jaw angles, chin and cheek implants, etc.
Wisdom Teeth Surgeries
We provide minimally invasive wisdom tooth surgery with no gum, bone cutting and no suturing (in selective cases), laser assisted wisdom teeth surgery, surgical removal of complex and complicated wisdom teeth and the other teeth buried in the jaw bones (impacted).
Jaw & Face Bones Fractures
We fix broken jaws, face bones which are broken due to accidents and other reasons, jaw swelling due to tumors and cysts, jaw joint problems and diseases, biopsy, sinus diseases, foreign body/ implant retrieval from sinus, jaw point problems, cleft lip and palate, head and neck cancer, etc.
Irregular Teeth Correction With Braces
We provide suitable treatment with advanced orthodontic procedures like invisalign/ clear path, invisible, ceramic braces, tongue side (Lingual) braces and other advanced braces/ lip technique like self ligating, demon, MBT, etc. and dentofacial orthopaedics.
Root Canal Treatments & Teeth Cavities Care
Single sitting (in feasible cases) and advanced rotary root canal procedures by experienced endodontists, laser assisted root canal treatments, cosmetic caps (crowns) like Emax, Zirconia and metal laser sintered ceramic crowns, etc. for better look with precise fit and durability.
Bridges and Dentures For Missing Teeth
We offer fixed teeth with Zirconia/ metal laser sintered or metal bridges, bite rising and full mouth teeth rehabilitation for severely worn/ broken teeth, complete removable and partial dentures for the old including BPS Dentures, cast partial dentures, etc. made from high quality materials in expert and reputed laboratories.
Children Teeth And Pediatric Dental Care
We provide exclusive pediatric dental treatments for children including pulp therapy (children’s root canals), S.S. caps for milk teeth, fillings, space maintainers if the milk teeth lost too early), habit breaking appliances, child orthodontic braces, children’s clips treatments, etc.
Advanced Digital X Rays RVG’s & OPG
In house availability of advanced full mouth digital dental imaging/ X ray system MYRAY - OPG machine for high clarity and low radiation, high resolution digital radio visio graphs (RVGS) for single tooth X rays.
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Our goal, at Adithri Dental's is to help you feel and look best throughout quality dental care. Our unique multidisciplinary approach endows you with access to renowned dental experts in all dental specialities including jaws, bones, wisdom teeth surgeries (oral and maxillofacial surgery), smile designing and cosmetic veneers and caps (cosmetic dentistry), fixed teeth, caps, bridges and dentures (Prosthodontics), gum diseases treatment ( Periodontics), fixed teeth with immediate and two stage dental implants (Implantology), root canal treatments (Endodontics), clips to irregular teeth (Orthodontics) and children's teeth problems (Pedodontics).
We are committed to render quality services by continually upgrading our skill, infrastructure, equipments and treatment techniques in order to provide result oriented dental and facial surgery procedures. We ensure to deliver pain free dental care to our patients, analysed as per patients along with sterilization of entire clinic with micro fogging at periodic intervals (Operation Theatre Level Sterilization).
I got my wisdom teeth cured from them, they have the best doctor.
- Rajesh Verma
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